Amicus MHCPV Housing

Amicus manages twelve single-occupancy Section 8 HUD financed apartments called MHCPV Housing for people with disabilities. These apartments are located in three modern buildings in Bangor. The apartments are managed by the Community Life Program Director

96 Thirteenth Street, Bangor, ME 04401. Tel 941-2915

American Sign Language

Amicus utilizes a wide variety of alternative methods of communication that includes, Visual Gestural, communication boards, computers, and American Sign Language. While signing is available at every program there is fluent signing at Penobscot Valley Industries and at Community Life.

Consultant Services

Thanks to the generosity of United Way,  the Bouchea Center employs a Speech Therapist, an Occupational Therapist, and a Physical Therapist. PVI and RLE contract for the part time services of a Physical Therapist.

Amicus Case Management

Case Management supports Amicus values: We support personal choice; focus on strengths, not barriers; believe in communication, and listen; take rights and responsibilities seriously; respect the uniqueness of each person; and we believe all people should be able to achieve their full potential.

Amicus Case Management assists to identify and coordinate appropriate health-related, social, financial, and educational services:

• Acts as a resource for information related to community support options, housing, employment, and available services;
• Provides assistance with obtaining needed benefits based on eligibility;
• Supports the individual's decisions based on personal strengths and desires;
• Coordinates goals, desires, and other services identified during the planning process;
• Helps to remove barriers;
• Offers Representative payee services as needed;
• Celebrates achievement and successes!

Amicus Behavioral Consultants

Amicus Behavioral Consulting

Amicus Behavioral Consulting (ABC) consists of Board Certified Behavioral Analysts and/or Licensed Professional Clinicians using evidence based measurable techniques and interventions designed to improve and enhance each person’s home and community experiences.  Individuals requesting this program will receive a Functional Behavior Assessment, individualized positive behavior support plan, transition plan, crisis plan, staff trainings, and in home stabilization plans as required in accordance with level 1-5 of DHHS Regulations.

Plans are written to be consistent across all settings of each person’s life and are designed to teach each person new functionally appropriate methods of communication and dealing with emotional situations to reduce current maladaptive behaviors being displayed. Plans will be written using Social Role Valorization framework, monitored, and changed as required or requested by the team and/or the individual being served.


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