What's Going On at Ralph Leek Elders

Activities enjoyed by participants at RLE throughout 2016/17 have included:

ADLs – Help with looking good and staying healthy.

Advocacy Group – Getting together to talk about Program and making your voice heard.

Arts/Crafts – Painting, making things, and getting in touch with your creative side.

Beano – Everyone’s a winner

Bowling – In house, fun practicing for the real thing.

Bible Literature Group – Opportunity to learn about and discuss the stories in the Bible.

Cats on Laps – Through the Bangor Humane Society; visit with cats and volunteers here at Program.

Cognitive Skills – Playing games that keep our bodies and brains busy.

Cookie Group – Baking goodies with, and for friends.

Cooking/Meal Planning– Plan, prepare and shop for weekly hot lunches.

Creative Movement – Low impact physical activities to move your body.

Dance – Leaning dance techniques and keeping fit with Maureen from Robinson Ballet Co.

Gardening – Planning, planting, caring for our Fairy Garden.

Glamour – Get your hair, nails and make up done.

Games – We offer a variety of games to keep your skills sharp.

Household – Helping keep our Program clean and safe.

I Spy – Visual Scavenger Hunt in the community.

Individual time – Calm, quiet, individual activities to collect your thoughts.

Karaoke – Sing your favorite songs with your peers.

Mens’ Group – Covering men’s concerns and challenges together.

Morning Stretch – Yoga (Seated) – Seated Dance – Low impact seated exercises with weights - Yoga – seated yoga stretches - Dance – dance along in your seat.

Music - Singing favorites, working on voice range, pitch, rhythm, volume and basic music concepts. Preparing the group numbers for our yearly show.

Newsletter – Creating a newsletter for friends and family.

Photography Group – Working on camera skills in the community.                                                                                                                           


Picture Schedule – Making visual aids to help with peer choices.

Puzzles – A quiet activity for relaxation.

Quilting – Work on sewing skills while creating quilts for craft fair, exhibition, for personal use, and community projects.

Reading/Library Skills – In house and in community work on reading and comprehension.

Sewing/Knitting - Learning basic hand sewing and machine sewing techniques. Crafting projects for the craft fair, exhibition, personal use, and for community projects.

Sign Language – Learn basic signs with friends.

Social Skills – Discussing ways to communicate positively with friends and others.

Story Tellers – Listening to stories to improve listening skills and comprehension.

Theater Group - Watch video and then talk about and analyze different elements of film. Do theater games and exercises related to the film.

Therapeutic Coloring – A calming quiet activity for relaxation.

Volunteering – Exploring volunteer opportunities and volunteering in the community..

Walking club – For maintaining gait, balance and stamina.

Women’s Group - Working on women’s issues in a safe environment. Also features guest speakers, community outings related to women’s issues, and volunteer projects.

Wood Working – Working on simple wood projects.


Community Outings:

Coffee/Drink Outing – Socializing in community while enjoying your favorite beverage.

Community Bowling – Opportunity to bowl at area bowling lanes.

Community Rides – checking out seasonal changes in our community.

Community/Park Walking – Physical exercise in the community.

Community Exploration – Accessing community events and resources.

Day Trips – Longer community trips in our state.

Field Trips – Longer community exploration trips.

Fishing – Learning casting and luring skills at area fishing holes.

Good Times Club – Socializing with other seniors in Glenburn.

Library – Visiting area libraries while working on reading and library skills.

Picnics – enjoying the great outdoors in our community.

Recycling – Protecting and keeping the environment healthy.

Shopping – visiting area stores and working on community skills.

Yard Sales – Visiting area yard sales while working on choice making,  money skills and bargain hunting!


*Extra* Special Events:

Artistic Dance, Musicals & Performances – Members of the community come and perform at program.

Community Presenters – Learning about different topics from people in our community.

Cultural Events – Celebrating the holidays/cultural events throughout the year with a variety of activities.

Holiday Craft Fair – Craft-making to sell to the public to raise money for programming.

PT Maintenance Exercise – Individual program set up by Physical Therapist for people interested in maintaining balance, stamina and gait.

RLE Talent Show – Express your inner stardom by performing for a large audience of family, friends and others.

Red Hat Society – Age 50 + ladies finding common bonds through a variety of activities and events.

Walk-A-Thon – Kick start spring walking regime while raising money to support a local charity of our program participant's choice.

Winter Carnival – Five days of themed fun and activities in the winter.





RLE Talent Show 2015




 Sarah's House Walk-a-thon




 Elders is 25!!!



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