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Opportunities for Pathways to Employment program participants in 2017 include the following!  Come join us!


Photography group- Participants will gain a better understanding of how to use a digital camera to create photographs for projects such as scrap books, posters, and newsletter design. The group will have opportunities to visit professional studios and venues that display photographs to learn the skills and equipment needed for a potential career in photography..

Computer Skills group-Participants have the opportunity to choose a computer skill program or activity on the computer for building basic computer skills to assist them in their present or future employment. The group uses the Mavis Beacon program to practice keyboarding and number pad skills.  Various skills games are played that involve decision making, math, reading, internet navigation and safety skills. Participants are encouraged to use their writing skills through key boarding to create correspondence and resumes.

Women’s and Men’s Group-Participants will discuss how to handle situations that come up in the workplace or community that can be challenging to handle and how appropriately navigate those situations. They will learn skills on how to protect themselves from exploitation, socialization, grooming, hygeine, and healthy living.

Community Shopping -Participants create shopping lists and shop for Pathways and volunteer cooking group’s food needs. The goal is to utilize math skills for comparison shopping, label reading, decision making and other skills that are integral in jobs related to food service and meal preparation.

Food Preparation group- Participants cook meals for a variety of volunteer sites and monthly fat program. The group is involved in all aspects of preparing and serving the meal to their peers. The goal is to learn measurements, cooking terminology, how to use kitchen appliances and cooking safety in a variety of settings to help prepare for a volunteer or job opportunity in the food preparation field.

Healthy Habits group-Participants take part in healthy activities in order to promote and educate the benefits of exercise and an active lifestyle. Health and stamina are important factors in the ability to work and volunteer. The group will invite guest speakers to demonstrate and discuss different types of exercise choices.

Book Club/Reading-Participants will take turns reading out loud various forms of reading materials. The goal is to improve reading skills, comprehension and spelling to assist in job related reading tasks.

Job Club/ Bridges Program -   To become prepared for the current job market,  participants will develop the skills, abilities and tactics of job hunting, including good hygiene, completing resumes, developing a a job application, and dressing for a job interview, . Participants will participate in career exploration and job identification. Each group member will complete an individual career interest inventory. Guest speakers will be invited to discuss job opportunities.

Money Management- Participants work on basic skill developments in math, basic banking, counting money, making change and budgeting.

Arts and Crafts Marketing group-  The group will identify and visit venues that sell and display art and crafts projects.  Participants will learn about various types of arts and crafts with the goal of building skills to develop projects that can be sold or displayed at events such as the annual Pathways craft fair. Making arts and crafts can a ceative and fun way for improving!

Social Connections -Participants will utilize games and other activities as a way to develop important communication, social skills, and coping skills for handling social challenges, interpersonal relationships, and telephone and job interviewing skills to prepare for the work force.   

Nutrition group-Participants discuss food choices, food portions, food labels, how to research healthy recipes and explore places to purchase nutritional foods.  The group also invites guest speakers to speak about nutrition and dietary choices while exploring possible job opportunities in nutrition.

Navigating the Community- Participants will learn how to access and safely navigate various transportation options such as the bus, NET transportation, and taxi services that will be helpful after obtaining a job. Instructions on how to access online driver’s education practice test modules will also be provided.

Career Exploration group-Participants will explore individual worksite and places that will expand their knowledge of different employment opportunities in their community. The group will brainstorm ideas for places to visit and assist in coordinating site visits either by telephone or in writing as an opportunity to practice written and verbal communication skills.

Sign Language- Participants have an opportunity to attend sign language classes in the community to develop skills for communicating with individuals in the community or work environment.who are hard of hearing or deaf



***AUGUST is Hobby Month***



Disability Employment Awareness Month