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Some of the many activities individuals who attended PVI participated in at PVI  in 2016/17 have included:


Advocacy group. Program Specialists meet monthly with their group to review paperwork and consumer concerns.

Advanced Music. Short studies of various musical genres in more depth. Rehearse for special events.

Art. Consumers are introduced to various art techniques and then create pieces for personal use, exhibits, and the craft fair.

Art Journal.   Exploring various art genres, visiting local museums, and completing art comparison studies and studio pieces.

Book Club. Readers read and discuss favorite books of their choice

Bowling. Consumers bowl once per week for fun, fitness, and practice for competitions.

Bulletin Board. Consumers work on board design and create pieces for our lobby board.

Bus skills. Participants take the city bus to area destinations to learn appropriate bus usage and community skills.

Ceramics. Participants create ceramic pieces for personal use, for the craft fair, and to exhibit. They also practice stencil designs.

Circles. Participants work on a curriculum designed to increase social skills and understanding of relationships.

Community Outings. Participants choose various Bangor area community sites to visit and learn how to access.

Communication. Participants work on rebus books, personal journals, social subjects, (such as bullying), creating things for community projects (such as cards for Veterans).

Computer. Participants learn basic computer skills.

Computer Research. Participants use the internet to research for many group projects as well as personal projects such as an art piece.

Cooking hot lunch. Participants plan menus and cook a nutritionally balanced meal once per week.

Cookies.   Baking cookies once a week to sell for money for prizes for all special events, plus Learning Center, janitorial groups, and games.

Crafts. Participants work on a variety of crafts for personal use, decorations, exhibits, craft fairs, and community projects.

Dance. Leaning dance techniques and keeping fit with Maureen from Robinson Ballet Co.

Digital Picture Development. Learning to edit photos on the computer.

Event planner. Planning personal special events and helping prepare for PVI seasonal celebrations.

Exercise. Keeping fit and learning to do it safely.

Exhibition Photography. Taking photos and planning and preparing them for exhibit purposes.

Favorite Games Group. Relaxing with old favorites like bingo.

Forestry Exchange. Partnering with high school forestry students to do environmental projects and getting help with My Square Yard projects.

Futures Planning. This group works on personal goal planning, PVI special event planning, and community volunteer projects and plans.

Games Exploration. Learning new games and improving game skills and techniques.

Garden Activities. Planning the vegetable and herb garden and caring for it.

Garden Cart. Plant and care for an indoor garden cart year round, seasonal sensory garden outdoors, plus plants for exhibition and community projects.

Glamour Group. Working on personal hygiene, hand washing, painting nails, using accessories, etc.

Grocery Shopping.   Shop each week for hot lunch, special event refreshments, and coffee breaks.

Intro to Art. Learning very basic art concepts such as colors, shapes, lines, etc.

Janitorial. Cleaning up after lunch. (Wash tables, sweep, empty wastebaskets, etc.

Jewelry-Making. Designing and creating jewelry pieces for personal use and for the craft fair.

Learning Center. Studying topics and doing related activities and projects. 9 topics per semester chosen by consumers.

Letter Writing. Writing or dictating letters or making cards for family, friends, veterans, etc.

Library. Weekly outings to learn about accessing the library appropriately; researching for activities and groups or finding materials for individual projects.

Live Music/Relaxation. Learning to relax and do a low key activity like magazines or adult coloring while listening to live music.

Mall Outing. Getting our exercise at a favorite place in the community.

Men’s Group. Tackling men’s issues in a safe and confidential environment.

Morning Stretch. A good way to start the day healthy with low impact exercise.

Music. Singing favorites, working on voice range, pitch, rhythm, volume and basic music concepts. Preparing the group numbers for our yearly show.

My Square Yard. Visiting various nature sites once a month, taking photographs, completing a site journal, and then creating an environmental curriculum for 2nd to 4th graders.

NASCAR Club. Following your favorite drivers, attending Wacky Wednesday outing, meeting drivers, etc.

Newsletter.   Letting folks at home and in the community see a lot of the fun learning we do at PVI.

Park Outing. A more active outdoor walking group.

Peaceful Garden/ Hobbies Group.   Creating garden accessories, crafts for the fair, and exploring hobbies chosen by consumers.

Perceptual Skills. Working on sensory integration, TRAIN concepts, understanding diagnoses and how they affect functioning, body mapping, assistive technology survey, and much more!

Personal Skill building. Practicing academic type skills through social projects and creating items for community projects.

Photography. Choosing community sites and working on more advanced skills such as perspective, framing, etc.

Piano Basics. Learning notes, fingering, and simple piano skills.

Recreation Training. My Square yard site visits, year round practices for a variety of Special Olympic sports, trying new sports, and this group also shops for prizes on occasion.

Recycling. Recycling with the city of Bangor.

Relaxation. Learning skills to help ease daily tensions.

Robotics.   Creating robots an interfacing with robotics groups and activities in the area.Science Reading. Reading more in depth studies and completing science activities related to various projects such as Monarch butterflies, My Square yard, etc.

Scrapbooking. Learning basic cutting, pasting, and arranging skills and creating personal memory books and items.

Sewing. Learning basic hand sewing and machine sewing techniques. Crating projects for the craft fair, for exhibition, for personal use, and for community projects.

Sign Language. Learning basic ASL signs, basic hand formations, and some VG signs that group members use consistently.

Stretch. A more advanced version of morning stretch using PT recommendations and equipment, etc.

Swimming. Working on swim techniques and preparing for competitions weekly at the YMCA.

Theater group. Watch video and then talk about and analyze different elements of film. Do theater games and exercise related to the film.

Trail Stewards. Helping to keep area trails clean while keeping fit.

Walking Club. Getting our exercise in community venues both indoors and outside.

Women’s Group. Working on women’s issues in a safe environment. Also features guest speakers, community outings related to women’s issues, and volunteer projects.

Worker’s Council. Once per month meeting of entire population of PVI to sign up for special events and related chores, get recognized and awarded for accomplishments, and review rules and problems, etc. The council also has committees (program, safety, peer grievance, publicity, and service) which also meet monthly.


For more information on our program or to schedule a visit, please contact the PVI/RLE Program Director at 941-2898. 



Did you know????

PVI participants competed this summer in the 2017 Special Olympics and returned with a number of Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals!  Although the Olympic Parade was rained out this year, it did not stop the athletes from hosting their own celebration to commemorate the amazing memories they have of their time spent both working hard to prepare for and event competitions.  WABI captured this proud moment and you can see it to by following this link!


Congratulations! We are proud of you!



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