Phoenix Employment and Rehabilitation Services

A unique program that assists men and women with disabilities prepare for and find meaningful careers:

  1. Phoenix Supported Employment Offices - suite 100
  2. Phoenix Pathways to Employment - suite 101

What's Going On?

444 Stillwater Avenue,
Bangor, ME 04401

Phoenix Pathways to Employment

In 2009 Phoenix celebrated the opening of this flexible, community based program that promotes the goal of employment for people who are on the VR wait list, are temporarily out of work, or may wish to work at some time in the future.

Pathways is available five days per week for five hours per day. The amount of time and number of days attended depends on the needs and wishes of the applicant, the availability of funding, and available staffing.

Some classes take place at the Pathways Learning Center at 444 Stillwater Avenue and other activities take place in the community and at local businesses. Sample activities include:

  • A Functional Assessment of strengths and barriers to maximize employment success.
  • Interpersonal Skills activities to develop the necessary tools for success in the workplace.
  • Job Shadowing to help individuals identify available job opportunities in the community.
  • Volunteer opportunities to increase community inclusion and provide a system to experience the practical aspects of employment.
  • Development of an Individualized Vocational Plan.

All services and activities focus on the individual vocational preferences and needs of the person.

The Pathways to Employment curriculum is specifically designed with the flexibility to meet the objectives that each participant has chosen. Activities may take place in small groups or individually. They may occur in classrooms or in the community. These topics are presented by experienced professionals and focus on learning or maintaining skills for living and working productively. A preliminary assessment is used to determine the interests, needs and learning style of each individual.


The curriculum represents specific skills that relate to successful and rewarding lives. Each topic area includes multiple sessions. Because learning styles vary by individual, each topic area will offer the choice between a basic and advanced level session. Units include subjects such as:

  • Communication (including active and effective listening)
  • Health and Safety
  • Hygiene
  • Money Management
  • Accessing local transportation (Bus Skills)
  • Job Interviewing
  • Nutrition
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Use of leisure time
  • Anger Management
  • Productivity and Quality on the Job
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Job shadowing
  • Writing a resume
  • Job applications
  • How to shine in an interview

We would like to thank these community businesses and agencies that currently offer extensive volunteer opportunities for individuals participating in the Pathways to Employment Program:

Bangor Humane Society

Bangor Homeless Shelter

Columbia Street Church

E.A.A.A. Bangor and Brewer

Good Shepard Food Bank

Habitat for Humanity Restore

Manna Food Cupboard

Ronald McDonald House

United Methodist Church

What our participants say about Pathways:

"To me, it feels like family. The group is like a family I can trust. I am becoming more social every day I’m here. There were times (in the past) when I couldn’t speak to people because I didn’t trust them, but now I can speak to anyone. I’m looking forward to volunteering soon to gain even more skills for employment."
"I think Pathways has been helpful to me. I am learning a lot of things. I work with nice people and like volunteering at..."
"I love coming to Pathways. Everyone is so nice to me, especially Ted because he helps me with math and, boy I really like that. I look forward to coming to Pathways every day."
"I Like Pathways a lot. It’s a nice place here. I have a lot of friends. I’m learning things like typing and doing math on the computer, as well as using Microsoft Word to type up reports."
"I like the people at Pathways staff and consumers. I am working on filling out applications and my resume. I look forward to my upcoming volunteer experience at..."