Community Life

Two highly flexible programs working at home and in the community to identify a path to living as independently and fully as possible:

  1. Amicus Home Supports
  2. Community Skills Project

What's Going On?

96 Thirteenth Street
Bangor, ME 04401

Community Life is comprised of two active, effective, and popular programs that are based on the stated wishes and identified needs of each individual program participant or guardian. Referrals are generally made by the Department for Health and Human Services or community Case Managers. There is also an option to self-pay. Your may contact DHHS at 207-561-4100 (TTY 1-800-963-9490.)

Community Skills:

This program was originally funded by a private donation in 1996 to provide an environment so people with disabilities with no access to programs could make and keep friends and to become a part of their community. It became fully funded by DHHS in 1998 and has since expanded its mission to include a broad range of activities and programs that take place primarily in the community.

This program is proud of its ability to communicate in a variety of ways including visual gestural, communication boards, and fluent American Sign Language. The Program Director teaches American Sign language at local schools and colleges. Both staff and consumers have access to ongoing training and can experience a signing environment if they either need it or are interested to learn.

Typical Activities:

Volunteering with staff support at:  
The Godparent Home
Discovery Museum
Congregation Beth El
Sarah's House
Spruce Run
Annual United Way kickoff event for United Way
Furry Friends of Eastern Maine
Meals on Wheels
Food Pantries
The Salvation Army
American Folk Festival
Collection and delivery of donations

Other collaboration, activities, and presentations include:

Two participants sit on the Developmental Disability Council of Maine
Bangor Public Library
Eastern Agency on Aging
The Maine Center on Deafness
Mens Group
Womens Group
Monthly Program Participant Meetings
Annual Family and Friends Meetings
Presentations by the Bangor Police Department on safety issues
Wide variety of physical fitness activities

Home Supports:

The mission of this program is to maximize the independence and interpersonal success of adults with disabilities who live in their own home or in the home of a guardian or family member. This program is intended to focus on home skills for independent living and can involve related activities in the community.

Typical Activities:


Home Evacuation Practice
Natural disasters
Health and safety in regards to cooking
Cooking skills and nutrition
Food storage (which containers, cupboards, freezer or refrigerator, checking expiration dates)
Food and cooking safety (cooking to what temperatures, using stoves, ovens and microwaves)
Medical Access
Appointments (coordinating and transportation)
Documenting appointment outcomes when requested
Medication pick up and orientation (why you take each medication)
Follow up services as needed (Next appointment, specialists)
Home Maintenance
Cleaning (daily, weekly and seasonal)
Organizing (seasonal preparation, labeling items with words or pictures as needed, reducing clutter)
Communication with neighbors (identifying barriers and making healthy social connections)
Inside and outside weatherization coordination (E-Z Fix It program, doing chores as able)
Bill paying (utilities, rent, mortgage
Planning for outings (spending money)
Short term spending (daily or weekly)
Long term spending (monthly or yearly)
Identifying safe and effective ways to exercise in and around the home
Health and Safety in general
Medication storage (where, how long)
Answering doors(role playing to reduce risk
Visitors (how you maintain control over the visit
Phone calls, texting, social media sites (risks and benefits)



"Just a quick note to let you and your staff know how much I appreciate all the work that you do with the clients we have in common. I am amazed each time I meet with CB how much he has grown. I just want to let you know that your hard work does not go unrecognized and your program has such a positive impact on the clients and their families."
Elizabeth Fowler
Community Case Manager


"I wanted you to know how impressed I was with the caring and responsiveness I saw in your staff toward consumers."
Parent of a child with a disability